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Print Gallery | Update

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the new prints that have been added to the print gallery.  I printed Box Truck and the portrait of my late grandfather Elmo Wills, In Loving Memory. You find out about both in these previous posts, In the works along with Carving & Thinking. I am excited to …

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Press about Design by wills, and Tulsa Studio Tour Update

Here at Design by wills we are super excited about the upcoming Tulsa Art Studio Tour happening this weekend. Both Kathy and Richard have been working hard creating new work and getting their creative spaces ready for the public.  Here is a little sneak peak into what you will see on Saturday and Sunday.  Thank …

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Jigsaw Linocut

This is a technique I read about in college and played around with at that time. I think at one time I had 3 or 4 blocks going using the theme of a jigsaw plate. Although I have only finished one of those plates, and you can see that successful work in my Print Gallery, …

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Carving and thinking

My last update featured four plates that I had designed, and soon after started carving. Two of the four I have printed, although the color registration left much to ponder.  The two I have printed are the road scenes. What I have not posted is that while working on the other two plates my grandfather died. …

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In the works

Grandfather Wills 1

I have been working on some new images, three of which are going along with my urban landscape series, and the fourth is one I have been toying with for a while. I have decided to do all four in linoleum, and to make them reduction prints. Why all four? Mainly because I have been …

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