Day of the Dead 2013

I have been working with an amazing team at McClure Elementary creating our school’s first Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altar. My students have been studying, making and designing all the elements for this project. They also designed the altar, painted it and made the arch. We set it up in my classroom first, then transported it to Living Art of Tulsa gallery. The student’s altar to H.O. McClure (our school’s namesake) will be part of the 2013 Altared Space Exhibition and the 2013 Day of the Dead Festival on November 1st in down town Tulsa.

This was a huge undertaking, and I think they did a stunning job!!

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New Print, and Oh, Tulsa! Show

Richard has been working hard on a new print, this time focusing on the technique of a reduction woodcut. The image is of the old Rose Bowl building and sign on Route 66/11th street in Tulsa. The block consists of 4 colors, which means that all colors were done on the same block, removing part of the image for each new color. Once you remove a section, the previous color can not be reprinted, because the plate is literally altered.

Richard has also been working on several videos that were made showing the creative process of this print. Hopefully all those videos will be uploaded to his youtube page shortly.

Be sure to check out Richard’s latest print, Bowling On Old 66 at the Oh, Tulsa! Biennial Exhibit at Living Arts.



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Woodcut – Inking, Printing, & Registration

I am currently working on this woodblock, and thought it would be a good opportunity to finally make a video about part of the process. I am planning on making more on videos while working on this woodcut, so you can see the progression of this printing project.

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Richard’s Teaching Resume

Dear Principals.

I want to thank you for visiting my website, along with your consideration of me for your open Art Teacher position.  I have a pdf version of my resume that has been made Internet safe, in doing so I have removed my phone number, address, and the contact information for all of my references. Please feel free to email me at the address listed on top of the page. I will be happy to send you my references upon request.


RichardWills-Teaching Cred

Please look around our site, and visit our facebook page at

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

Thank You!

Richard Wills

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Print Gallery | Update

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the new prints that have been added to the print gallery.  I printed Box Truck and the portrait of my late grandfather Elmo Wills, In Loving Memory. You find out about both in these previous posts, In the works along with Carving & Thinking. I am excited to finally finish these two pieces, and feel very proud to have included them in this year’s Tulsa Art Studio Tour.

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Press about Design by wills, and Tulsa Studio Tour Update

Here at Design by wills we are super excited about the upcoming Tulsa Art Studio Tour happening this weekend. Both Kathy and Richard have been working hard creating new work and getting their creative spaces ready for the public.  Here is a little sneak peak into what you will see on Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you OVAC for posting the articles about us on your blog!  Be sure to check out our home page or our facebook page for more information about the Tour!

Also Richard & Kathy of will be part of a preview article talking about the tour this weekend. Look for it in the Urban Tulsa!

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Jigsaw Linocut


This is a technique I read about in college and played around with at that time. I think at one time I had 3 or 4 blocks going using the theme of a jigsaw plate. Although I have only finished one of those plates, and you can see that successful work in my Print Gallery, the print is called Stage Fright.  

Kathy and myself have had several conversations and brainstorming sessions getting ready for the Studio Tour. Out of one of those planning sessions came an idea for several special projects, that will be unveiled that weekend. Trying to figure out a solution to one of those projects led to me re-visiting this technique.

In the current large plate, I have 13 mini plates that I have cut, all different patterns and sizes. The idea that I can combine them all in multiple arrangements, or in several smaller arrangement quickly. Every combination will result in a new print. Continue reading

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New Polymer Clay Gallery

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have recently added a new gallery featuring several of Kathy’s recent one-of-a-kind, handmade polymer clay creations.  Also if you look around, you will quickly notice that we are making dozens of updates and giving the site a nice freshening up. It has been long over due, and we are thrilled about the changes done, and the others on the way. Click here to see the new gallery, and look below for a little preview of what is coming soon.

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Drawing Camp – Student Work

Here are some images of my students’ art work from my recent 2012 Drawing and Cartooning Day Camp at Tulsa Community College for 10 – 13 year olds.

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Carving and thinking

My last update featured four plates that I had designed, and soon after started carving. Two of the four I have printed, although the color registration left much to ponder.  The two I have printed are the road scenes.

What I have not posted is that while working on the other two plates my grandfather died. The portrait I was working on was of him. Initially due to the sudden loss, and then after some other events I put down my knives for a little hiatus.

I have continued to take reference shots, and had the exciting opportunity to teach some young artists this summer.  After lots of thinking, and let me tell you lots if thinking, I have sharpened my knives, and last week found me carving the last two plates. Although in my time if reflection, I decided to change my original plan, and use a different technique. I am glad to say the carving is done, or at least until I pull some test proofs.



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