Jigsaw Linocut


This is a technique I read about in college and played around with at that time. I think at one time I had 3 or 4 blocks going using the theme of a jigsaw plate. Although I have only finished one of those plates, and you can see that successful work in my Print Gallery, the print is called Stage Fright.  

Kathy and myself have had several conversations and brainstorming sessions getting ready for the Studio Tour. Out of one of those planning sessions came an idea for several special projects, that will be unveiled that weekend. Trying to figure out a solution to one of those projects led to me re-visiting this technique.

In the current large plate, I have 13 mini plates that I have cut, all different patterns and sizes. The idea that I can combine them all in multiple arrangements, or in several smaller arrangement quickly. Every combination will result in a new print.

Here is the big block put together, in the first run of the plate.


After several prints and lots of trial and error, here is the finished result of my first printing session with this Jigsaw big block. I stopped halfway through and rearranged all the blocks, so I have two different designs.  You will also notice that I have choose to use bright colored card stock for my paper choice this time.

Drying rack half full of prints.

Jigsaw Drying Rack

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