Carving and thinking

My last update featured four plates that I had designed, and soon after started carving. Two of the four I have printed, although the color registration left much to ponder.  The two I have printed are the road scenes.

What I have not posted is that while working on the other two plates my grandfather died. The portrait I was working on was of him. Initially due to the sudden loss, and then after some other events I put down my knives for a little hiatus.

I have continued to take reference shots, and had the exciting opportunity to teach some young artists this summer.  After lots of thinking, and let me tell you lots if thinking, I have sharpened my knives, and last week found me carving the last two plates. Although in my time if reflection, I decided to change my original plan, and use a different technique. I am glad to say the carving is done, or at least until I pull some test proofs.



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