Cylinder Seals 2 – the images

Below are images from my first attempt at making a cylinder print block.

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This is a dowel rod that I have cut into three 12 inch pieces, sanded, then marked 8 inches in the middle of the rod.  I then applied gesso and re-sanded the wood block.  For those wondering the dowel rod is made from poplar, and the grain is fairly straight.  The circumference of the cylinder is approximately 4 inches, making an image that is 4 in x 8 in.

Here is a close up shot of the dowel rod.

Here is the cylinder block carved, and printed.
It was kind of tricky to carve this block due to the nature of it being round. I had one end pressed against my bench hook, holding the other end with my left hand, and carving with my right.  I also had issues with the wood wanting to splinter some (soft woods due that, such as poplar), but mainly had to try to only carve the top section making many small turns of the dowel.

Inking the block was also an interesting experience, I basically held the block in the air by one end while rolling the ink loaded brayer over the block.  Luckily I cut the dowel straight, so in between prints I was able to stand the dowel on its end.  Like all print sessions you get messy, but this time I really got covered in ink.

Here is another image of the cylinder block carved, and printed.

And finally this is a sample image that I was able to pull from the block.  There was some difficulty when I tried to print the block, mainly on knowing when to stop rolling so I would not repeat part of the design.  This image, is one that I kept rolling the block, although I was able to successfully print a single image after several tries.  Also note that I had trouble getting complete coverage while rolling the block, and I was not able to get a clear image in the middle.  While the section of the dowel did not have a curve to it, I was still not able to apply enough pressure to that one area.  A normal flat block I can apply additional pressure on the areas that need it, here I can not.  For my second attempt I am planning on taking the second prepared dowel and cutting it making a smaller image area.  Hopefully this will allow me to control print better.

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